That’s MY Merry-Go-Round!

I was watching House Hunters International on HGTV yesterday (a guilty pleasure.) The house hunters where seeking a home in Florence, Italy. As they arrived for a meeting with their realtor, they passed a carousel that caught my attention.

“I know that merry-go-round,” I thought. I knew the shape and colors of the “crown” around the top. Then I noticed the archway behind the carousel.

“I know that archway,” I thought.

In fact, the episode was shot in the Piazza della Repubblica, a daytime view of a streetscape I had painted by night several year ago. Here’s my version of the Piazza.

I know the hours I spent painting this scene (twice, actually…I really like it) are the reason I recognized it more than five years later.

By Joanne

Joanne Taeuffer is an expressive painter. She lives in the Berkeley Hills and Healdsburg, CA, with her husband and their black cats, Oscar Wild and Percy.


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