Adventures In Expressive Color

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Spent a day in a workshop with Peggi Kroll Roberts, a wonderful teacher who is always asking you to dare. This time she was asking us to paint using colors we loved regardless of the colors seen in the real world. Expressive colors.

The idea was to pick two complementary colors, the ones straight across the color wheel from each other. These colors interact passionately. We painted a posing model, using one color for the light and one for shadow. And we ended up with interesting, abstracted images…some that glowed. Then we added additional “analogous” (or similar) colors within the light and dark to add dimension and volume to our figures.

Where we we going with this? Check out these master painters: David Park, Elmer Bishoff and the other painters in the Bay Area Figurative Movement.

An interesting and exhausting day. Thanks to my fellow-painter Jeanette Baird, who did the drive from the Bay Area to Lodi for the day!