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Artist As Cowgirl
The Artist As Cowgirl

As a 10-year-old Camp Fire Girl, I concocted my Indian name—“ShaKiWi,” Laughing Butterfly Maiden the Teller of Stories.

And yes, I told stories: at the dinner table, as a newspaper reporter, as an Internet publisher.

After many years working in newspaper and Internet businesses, I became an artist with the idea of “showing” stories of people and the lives lived all around me.

I evolved my craft with the guidance, support and inspiration from generous and creative teachers, especially my mentor Marcy Wheeler.

I’ve grown to love thick creamy paint, bold brush strokes, simple compositions. I learned to cherish the play of sunlight and intriguing shadows in mysterious dark colors.

My acrylic paintings begin with canvases toned a bright color like magenta or teal to provide a spirited foundation. Initially I define the large dark and light areas, then I add color and, often, heavier paint with a brush or palette knife for texture.

And, like any good storyteller, I always leave something to the imagination of the audience.

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Joanne and her husband, Jerry Haag, share their home with their cats, Oscar Wild and Percy. She shows her work in various venues throughout the Bay Area. You can contact Joanne at 510-883-9090 or send a message, ask a question, arrange a studio visit or inquire about a specific painting here: