Artist’s Statement

In the year 2000, when I was turning 50 and entering a new century, I decided to become a more accomplished person. I had two goals: to learn to speak French and to learn to paint.

I can now communicate in both French and paint, although I’m more fluent in paint.

In my expressive paintings, I’m always going for a bit of drama: in light, color and composition. And I’m most interested in people, animals, street scenes and, sometimes, old pickup trucks. In all cases, I want to tell a story.

An old friend says my paintings are very me: not at all subtle and lots of fun.

I work in acrylic paint, often starting my works on a magenta-toned canvas that allows some hot pink to show through in the finished art. I sometimes slather on the paint with a palette knife, and other times I build up many thin layers.

I’d love to hear from you. Send your questions or comments using the form below. If you’d like to see any of my paintings in person, please complete the form to schedule a studio visit or delivery of a painting to any location in the San Francisco Bay Area: