Seeing Art, 2012

A great pleasure in life is seeing art. Here are some of my favorite images from a year of museum crawls.

Joan Brown Retrospective At San Jose Museum


Her enamel self-portraits on masonite were completely different from her earlier, and better-known, work. And she was the star of every canvas. Loved it.

At London’s National Gallery

Turner's Rain, Speed and Steam
Turner’s Rain, Speed and Steam

Turner’s work held the seeds of modern abstract expressionism. Love seeing the threads that lead through “art history.”

Witches at their Incantations By Salvator Rosa
Witches at their Incantations By Salvator Rosa

These witches were fascinating. I did a sketch and used some of the ideas in my annual Halloween painting.

Vuillard’s The Earthenware Pot

Hadn’t noticed Vuillard before but loved the colors and the sense of voyeurism, catching a glimpse of these ladies from behind a table in the foreground.

…And Portrait Gallery

Frank Auerbach Self Portrait
Frank Auerbach Self Portrait

OK, how cool is this? I’m going to steal this kind of mark-making in my figure drawing time.

At The Tate Modern

Philip Guston's The Return
Philip Guston’s The Return

This New York artist could have been one of the Bay Area Figurative Movement painters (my faves.) Same era.

Alberto Giacometti's Seated Man
Alberto Giacometti’s Seated Man

Giacometti is known as a sculptor but check out the great mark-making.

And on to Paris, l’Orangerie….

Monet's monumental-Scale water lillies at L'Orangerie, Paris.
Monet’s monumental-scale water lillies at L’Orangerie, Paris.

Used to think the Impressionists were girlie, but Monet’s huge-scale water lillies look more like an Abstract Expressionist painting: tough, strong, athletic brushwork. Changed my mind on the spot.

From The Paley Collection at The DeYoung Museum

Gaugin's Washerwoman, Arles 1888
Gaugin’s Washerwoman, Arles 1888

This painting, done when Gaugin was hanging out with Van Gogh in Arles, is paint on burlap. Nice texture. Wonderful abstract forms. Love the cropped faces walking out of the frame. They break the rules but they work wonderfully.

Can’t wait to see more art in 2013.

Oscar’s Excellent Year

It’s a whole year’s worth of young Oscar Wild’s life. Just enough paintings for a calendar…although the calendar-making is still pending!
Click any image for a complete view of the painting and access to a “carousel” of these images.

Les Cousins

Les Cousins

We’re heading to Europe where we’ll visit London, Switzerland, Paris and my French cousins in Alsace (Eastern France.) My new painting, Les Cousins, is coming with us. It shows me with two of my cousins, Gaston and Charles Dann. It’s a gift for their 95-year-old mother, Lucie. All are descendants of the brother of my great-grandfather, who came to the U.S. in 1872.