Seeing Art, 2012

A great pleasure in life is seeing art. Here are some of my favorite images from a year of museum crawls. Joan Brown Retrospective At San Jose Museum Her enamel self-portraits on masonite were completely different from her earlier, and better-known, work. And she was the star of every canvas. Loved it. At London’s National… Continue reading Seeing Art, 2012

Oscar’s Excellent Year

It’s a whole year’s worth of young Oscar Wild’s life. Just enough paintings for a calendar…although the calendar-making is still pending! Click any image for a complete view of the painting and access to a “carousel” of these images.

Les Cousins

We’re heading to Europe where we’ll visit London, Switzerland, Paris and my French cousins in Alsace (Eastern France.) My new painting, Les Cousins, is coming with us. It shows me with two of my cousins, Gaston and Charles Dann. It’s a gift for their 95-year-old mother, Lucie. All are descendants of the brother of my… Continue reading Les Cousins