The Winner Is…

Thanks to everybody who voted for their favorite sunset painting. I’ll be taking Autumn Sunset #1 to the Berkeley Art Center member show next month. (And I’m straightening the crooked chimney to make my husband happy.)

One curious fact: there were three “voters” who didn’t have an absolute favorite. All three were artists. One of those friends, Dennis, wrote about what he liked in both paintings. I think the artist’s eye sees more and understands more. And the best artists can appreciate a great diversity of visions. (Read Dennis’s thoughts in the comment section of the previous post.)

On that note: Last weekend I enjoyed the current exhibition of the work of Joan Brown at the San Jose Museum. (Check it out here.) I was surprised to see that her work changed dramatically as she matured. It’s an interesting exercise to find a way to appreciate both her thickly painted early works (influenced by Elmer Bishoff and David Park) as well as her later, thinly painted, self-portraits exploring changes in her life and the place of women in society.

I also attended a lecture by Hung Liu at Berkeley Art Center. Her work is do deep, so profound, so nuanced and layered. Halfway through the presentation, I thought: “Stop! My brain is full! I can’t accept any more ideas.” And yet, I did. I’ve loved her work for a few years and now I am completely inspired by her work ethic. Viva la revolution!

Here are a few of links to Hung Liu’s fabulous oeuvre:

  • A video from Spark, a Bay Area Public Television show about the arts.
  • Her homepage.
  • On the Art Scene Warehouse site.
  • Enjoy!

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