Resolutions Revisited

What Was I Thinking?
What Was I Thinking?

Like that diet that doesn’t seem to survive the first ice cream opportunity of the new year, I am throwing over one of my art resolutions, effective immediately.

OK, it probably was silly to think I would/could/should become an abstract painter. But I’ve given it two painting sessions – two whole sessions, can you believe it? – and I’m ready to retreat. Not completely retreat. Let’s instead say retrofit for reality.

I am fascinated by some of the material that Tesia Blackburn is bringing into the “abstract art” class. Great new painting “tools” – like an out-of-date postcard, who’d’a thought it? Lots of possibilities with crazy mediums like tar jell and pumice something or other. Not to mention, her quick eye for all things compositional.

But after smearing paint all over a canvas with no apparent goal, I came up with some nice colors, some nice brushwork and some bad brush work, a little movement for the eye, and, in the end, nothing very interesting.

So I’m staying in the class but retreating to my normal material. I think it’s an opportunity to layer on some Tesia magic without changing who I am as an artist.

At least that’s my story for now. Whether or not I’m sticking to it is not clear. Time will tell…

By Joanne

Joanne Taeuffer is an expressive painter. She lives in the Berkeley Hills and Healdsburg, CA, with her husband and their black cats, Oscar Wild and Percy.


  1. Hi Joanne:
    You go girl! I’ve enjoyed having you in class and I admire your willingness to try abstracts. You have some nice painting chops too! I hope to see you in a class again soon!


  2. Hi Tesia,

    Thanks for the words of encouragement. Your class has helped me in rethinking…or adding thought to…my body of work.

    The Bay Area Figurative Movement show…and your very insightful comments on it…had a big impact.

    It’s all grist for the mill and someday somebody will see something in one of my paintings and ask: “Have you studied with Tesia Blackburn?” I’ll be pleased to say yes!

    See you today at your Golden Paints demo at the Lafayette Studio!


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