Learning Through Osmosis

As I’ve been painting more and more, it seems like my husband has
learned a bit through osmosis.

I brought home an in-progress painting the other day. I admit that I
had wandered away from the straight and narrow on this painting,
wantonly dabbing on colors long before it was time. I put the painting
on the mantle, my “review” stand.

“That one looks a little random,” Jerry said, with a slightly perplexed

Indeed. I had lost the dark-and-light structure of the painting. And
Jerry, after years of observing my paintings as they progress from
drawing to completion, knew how a 20%-finished painting should look.
Detail, no. Color, not necessarily. Underlying structure, absolutely

I feel confident I will pull it off (see also: Suspending Disbelief),
but Jerry’s right. The painting looks inappropriately random right now.

I guess he HAS been paying attention after all.

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By Joanne

Joanne Taeuffer is an expressive painter. She lives in the Berkeley Hills and Healdsburg, CA, with her husband and their black cats, Oscar Wild and Percy.


  1. Hi Joanne, I just have to compliment you on your great blog. Your writing is terrific, as are your paintings. I am new to art blogs and have been looking at as many as possible, while getting my own blog started. Thank you for sharing your wonderful thoughts and paintings!

  2. Ah, Jo, the more I look at the published images, the more I long to see them in real-time. May I just, please, move to chez Haag-Taeuffer Healdsburg and awaken to these paintings? I could conveniently be absent when you and Jerry “visit.” Give me a chance! Can’t wait for delivery of Norm and the Tractor (not Jeannie’s Man and the Tractor) and La Vielle Vendeuse. Thank you, Heart of My Heart.

  3. Lore,

    Chez H-T or T-H *could* use a caretaker! And all those big new walls are now covered with paintings. We will definitely have to plan some time in the “country house” this summer…or spring break maybe?

    It makes me very happy that you feel you’d like to live with some (or all) of my paintings.


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