My Life And Welcome To It

A Summer Song By Joanne Taeuffer
A Summer Song By Joanne Taeuffer
I reconnected this week with two old friends I haven’t seen in a couple of years.

One asked: “And who are you being these days?”

The other said: “I figured I should call and find out how you’ve reinventing yourself this time.”

Well Kathi and Helen, today I am an artist.

You can tell I’m an artist because:

* I have at least three entire outfits that look like paint rags…and I wear them regularly.

* Instead of buying a new kitchen table, I’ve got elaborate plans to save our oldest piece of furniture by paint an intertwining, ying-and-yang-ish pair of koi on its top.

* I tend to notice which of my fellow gym rats take a perfectly counter-poised stance and which just stand there.

* I’ve created an “art stuff” category in my Quicken accounts. (Note: having Quicken accounts probably means I’m not completely reinvented!)

But while I spend a lot of time creating visual art, I’m finding that I miss my previous means of expression — writing. So I’m starting this blog to explain, examine and exhilarate in my new artist-ness. And to keep my typing skills tuned up.

I hope you’ll follow my meanderings and enjoy them!

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