Expressive Style

I was an “expressive” painter before I even knew I had a style. I always went for slightly wild colors and I love thick paint with lots of brush strokes showing. Think Van Gogh. But also my modern heros: Elmer Bishoff, Richard Diebenkorn and Wayne Thiebaud (my current favorite.)

But how to explain what I do? Last week I was struggling with writing a new artist statement and I was Googling for ideas to inspire me. (Or to steal.) I found the perfect, simple advice about expressive painting on “” Here’s how to be an expressive painter according to their experts:

Simply, don’t blend and don’t tidy up.

Works for me, especially since I have never been inclined to tidy up ANYTHING. You could ask my husband, the dishwasher at our house.

Here’s an example of a recent painting that is so untidy that my husband says he doesn’t know what it is.

Coy Koi
Coy Koi

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