Lessons From A Legend

The Wayne Thiebaud Retrospective at the San Jose Museum is an inspiration. Here’s what I learned:

  • Easter egg colors as a valley landscape are magical. I’ve got to get (or mix) more beautiful colors – rosy pinks, lemon yellows and sky blue.
  • Any content can be a painting…it’s all about composition. A lesson worth relearning in every painting.
  • It’s never too late. Thiebaud started a new body of work in the early 2000s…when he was already over 80. These beach scenes harken back to his childhood in Long Beach.

  • But don’t listen to me, the master is interviewed on the San Jose Museum website. Check it out.

    Categorized as Art

    By Joanne

    Joanne Taeuffer is an expressive painter. She lives in the Berkeley Hills and Healdsburg, CA, with her husband and their black cats, Oscar Wild and Percy.

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